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Il Titolo della Masseria, deriva dal proprietario di cui si ha memoria, Giovanni Ayroldi vissuto tra il 1696 e il 19783. Ha origini antichissime, di cui non si ha certezza se non basandosi sugli stili architettonici che la compongono, differenti e armoniosi tra loro, che solo un lavoro di costruzione lento fatto in centinaia di anni. Era un punto di riferimento, rifornimento per viandanti e briganti.

Col suo ampliamento si ha la prima dat, 1715.


The name of the Masseria derives from the owner of whom there is record, Giovanni Ayroldi, who lived between 1696 and 1783. It has very ancient origins, of which one cannot be sure if not based on the architectural styles that compose it, diverse but harmonious with one another. It was a point of reference and supply for travellers and bandits.

With its expansion its first record is found, 1715.


It was the beating heart of a large landed estate, a small world, where a growing community lived and worked the land.

A safe place, surrounded by walls to protect the crops, animals and families that resided there.

At the entrance there is an inscription of evangelical inspiration:


Si Deus pro nobis, quis contra nos?


If God is with us, who will be against us?

Accompanied by the letters MAG ...

Magnificus Ayroldi Giovanni.

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The lands used for grazing and agriculture increased along with the workers, who secured a safe home and the comfort of faith.


The chapel dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario was thus built in 1769.


Mass was the most important moment and welcomed all the inhabitants of the Estate without any caste-based discriminations.


Majestic Holm oaks dot the surrounding area, standing solemn and isolated, bearing witness to the change of landscape.

Stretches of olive trees were planted.

The man was able to create a farm and frame it in an enchanting landscape made of gold.

To date, its land stretches across more than 35 hectares with almost 3000 olive trees.


Having become a paradise, due to its form and position, the owner decided to make it his permanent residence, modifying its dimensions and spaces.

A dwelling.


He went from creating walls for protection against strong winds and bandits, to designing elements of strong visual impact. The balcony and the windows embracing the landscape and sunset stand as proof for this.

A view on every front.


A place, an autonomous ecosystem, designed to welcome.

Today this story is brought back to us, like a monument, thanks to the commitment of the Pastore family, their restoration work, faithful to tradition, colours and materials that reinstate the concept of hospitality.


Fortified Ayroldi Estate / Masseria Fortificata Ayroldi.

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