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Abhyanga – ayurvedic MASSAGE: - It is a massage that was born in India about 3000 years ago as a technique of Ayurvedic medicine. It is performed for the whole body with abundant oil which mainly promotes the good circulation of vital fluids to keep body and mind healthy, rebalance the body's energy centers and produce a general sense of well-being at the psychophysical level..

60 minutes

90 minutes


Shiro Abhyanga – HEAD MASSAGE: - Traditional Ayurvedic massage performed in a sitting position. Starting from the head and continuing towards the neck and shoulders, this particular massage balances the energies and pacifies the mind, while on a physical level it releases tension and induces a deep state of well-being and relaxation. Helps prevent headaches, relieves muscle tension, improves sleep quality, lowers stress levels.

50 minutes


DRAINING MASSAGE: - Promotes lymphatic circulation, problems with heavy legs, water retention, edema, problems affecting blood circulation and fatigue.

60 minutes


Thai Foot massage: – Thai foot and leg massage. It stimulates the elimination of toxins from the foot and the body in general, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, normalizes the functions of organs and glands by regulating their activity, improves body posture and promotes deep relaxation.

60 minutes


FOOT MASSAGE: - A set of techniques from Ayurveda, to reflexology, to metamorphic, for a unique massage to your feet that will give an effect of great well-being for the whole body and mind.

40 minutes


RELAX MASSAGE 60 minutes




COUPLE MASSAGE - free choice of massage

60 minutes


YOGA 90-minute lesson

Stefania offers our guests the possibility of individual or

group lessons (minimum 4 people)

Ask for information, availability and costs at the

following contacts


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